Terms and conditions


Any discreet booking of an event presented by a particular offer of a card and posted on the website.

Full booking fee:

For the Reservation of each specific Announcement the total rate that is fixed and published on the Site by each Charter.


The Charter is a natural person of legal age and of full capacity to contract or a duly represented legal entity that is the legitimate and effective owner of the ships, or duly authorized by the legitimate and effective owner of these, or a person who has obtained an exclusive right unconditional for a Guest’s use and posting of Announcements on the Website for Reservation


Announcements are boats that are posted on the Website for guests to book. Also included may be additional services related (e.g. cleaning, skipper etc.) to the Announcements, which are specified in each of the Announcements from the Charter.

Terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions are all the terms and conditions are included in this agreement along with any subsequent changes which may occur at the full discretion of the service provider and which may be in their most recent version at the address

As a Guest or as a Charter you agree, by registering, accessing and / or using the Website and Services, to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and any other Terms and Conditions as may be amended from time to time and included in these Terms and Conditions and which will apply between you and the service provider and which you approve of having read and understood.

As a Guest – if you make a reservation with a particular Card through the Website – you acknowledge and understand that the legal contract governing each specific Reservation is between each individual Card and each particular Guest and that you will have to refer to and will be bound by the confirmation of the booking and the booking terms and conditions that will apply to such Booking with the particular Card in relation to payment, cancellation and other related questions


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